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Scottish Genealogy Specialists

Specialists in SCOTTISH Genealogy

If your ancestors lived in Scotland then it makes sense to talk to experts with an in-depth knowledge and experience of Scottish genealogy research.

Get in touch with long lost friends

Get in touch with long lost friends

According to a recent newspaper article one of the biggest death-bed regrets is losing touch with old friends. It happens all too easily - is there a special friend we could put you back in touch with?

Find Scots - The Scottish Family Detectives

A video introduction to our services presented by an ex Radio Scotland DJ.
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Find Scots - The Scottish Family Detectives

What can we do for you?

  • Find your Family Tree

    Trace Ancestors and Living Family

    We can give you a fascinating insight into your family history by revealing information about your ancestors such as names, occupations, where they lived, who they married, whether they were in the newspapers etc.

    Sometimes we can even uncover photographs of your ancestors.

    We knew our dad had been married before and had 3 daughters from that marriage - but when he died we didn't even know their names or where they lived - but we still managed to track down our half-sisters and met them for the first time recently - who can we track down for you?

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  • Find Long Lost Friends

    Reconnect with long-lost friends and family

    We all live hectic lives so it's easy to lose touch with people - particularly if they've moved house a few times.

    We can help you find their current address so you can get back in touch with them.

    Don't worry if you don't have much to go on - we've found people with nothing more than a name and an address from decades ago.

    Also we work on a no find, no fee basis so you've nothing to lose!

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  • DIY Research

    Doing your own research? We can still help

    Struggling to track down that one elusive relative? Why not let us take a look - if we can't find them there's no fee, and if we do our rates are remarkably reasonable.

    Also, if you live a distance from Edinburgh, it can be expensive ordering extracts - why not make a list of the certificates you are interested in and we can transcribe them for you?

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  • Free Initial Report

    FREE No-Obligation Initial Report

    When we receive your enquiry we perform an initial FREE no-obligation search to ascertain how much we are likely to find.

    We then provide you with a report, and quote a fixed-fee should you wish us to continue our research.

    If we are unable to track down the person(s) we set out to find - we don't charge for the work already done. No-find - No-Fee

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